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Pool services in Las Vegas, Nevada

Spend your time enjoying your pool not cleaning it. Hammerhead Pool Service and Maintenance is here to do that for you. We have several plans available to you including weekly and monthly service. A clean sanitized pool is helps protect your children, friends, and pet's health. You'll be assigned your own technician who will be committed to keep the quality of your pool up to par during the same time, same day, every week.


  • Tile and spa wall brushing
  • Pool Vacuuming
  • Net surfacing
  • Empty Skimmer Baskets
  • Empty Pump Baskets
  • Chemical Adjustments
  • Filter Cleaning
Vacuum Point - Pool Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV

Additonal Services

Premium Full Service
(includes salt water pools)
Chemical Only Program -
Bi-monthly program, perfect for pool owners who rather do routine cleaning on their own but need professional assistance to maintain chemical balance.
Acid Wash/ Chlorine Bath -
Removes build up of foreign matter from walls and steps to restore the pool to it's natural beauty
Green to Clean -
Eliminate Algae build up and restores chemical balance of pool.
Filter Cleaning -
Typically done and the beginning and end of the swimming season
Pool Draining
Drain and Clean
One time Clean Up
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